Enjoy Perfect Putting Conditions Year Round With The ONLY Green by Brunswick

Enjoy Perfect Putting Conditions Year Round With The ONLY Green by Brunswick

The weather outside is frightful, but don’t let that get in the way of enjoying the game that you love! Many professional golfers rely on The ONLY Green, the most realistic indoor putting green within the golf industry, to help them improve their strokes and their game. Now, The ONLY Green has partnered with Brunswick Billiards, allowing for The ONLY Green to be purchased!

Brent Hutton, president of Brunswick Billiards, states, “The ONLY Green by Brunswick is literally a game changer because – let’s face it – in golf, 80 percent of your score comes from putting. I saw it, I played on it, and I had to have it. Anyone who’s passionate about golf or passionate about trying to improve their game will get better by practicing on The ONLY Green by Brunswick.”

The ONLY Green is the only fully adjustable indoor putting green that has ever been made and is great for improving a golfer’s short game. This green provides a perfect practice surface that is available 24/7, year round, allowing for more space to improve consistency as well as muscle memory. Golfers are also able to change The ONLY Green’s surface to any contour. The adjustability and surface easily makes The ONLY Green the best green to make you a better putter.

The ONLY Green is available in several different sizes as well as six high-quality wood finish options. This green, according to Hutton, “adds another dimension to the home game room experience.”

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